Roof Repairs

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Did your roof inspection reveal problems? Or, maybe you woke up to water stains on your ceiling after a heavy rain? No matter what your situation is, WB Roofing can help you with your home roof repair. My Project Leads are skilled and have a wealth of knowable about various products and are able to determine the most effective solution for your leaky roof.

Why Roofs Leak

Roofs can leak for a number of reasons and in a number of places. Some of the common reasons for a leaky roof include:

  • A worn rubber gasket or cracked caulking around roof vents and chimneys.
  • If you are in need of a roof repair in Chemford area
  • Damaged or missing flashing.
  • Poorly installed or damaged skylights.
  • Damaged/missing shingles or corrosion if you have a metal roof.
  • Unbalanced attic ventilation.

A Minor Leak Can Lead to a Major Damage

If you think about it, a large hole that leads to a heavy leak is probably better than a tiny leak that quietly drips water into your attic. At least you can discover a bigger leak faster as the water makes it all the way down to your ceiling. A small leak can trickle for years, causing your rafters and insulation to rot without revealing itself. That’s why if you see signs of a leak in your home, don’t delay.

If you are in need of a roof repair in the DFW area, choose a roofing contractor with a name and reputation you can trust. Call me today for a free roof inspection or estimate at 07384 194405 or by contacting us online.