Roof Inspection

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Over its lifetime, roofs need to be inspected. This is even more important as your roof ages. If you want to extend your roof’s lifetime, take the proactive approach and reach out to WB Roofing. We have an eye for the subtle problems another roof inspector might miss. WB Roofing professionals give you peace of mind by providing you with a detailed report about the condition of your roof, along with an accurate estimate of the life of your roof.

Comprehensive Roof Inspection Service

My comprehensive roof inspection service begins with a visual inspection of the exterior roof. We’ll get on the roof to check for missing, buckled, and curled shingles, roof valleys, rot and decay, and cracked sealant. As we progress, we take photographs and a written account to compile in my final report.

We’ll also check the attic looking for signs of moisture damage, mildew, and mold. Detecting a final report, including recommendations for how to address any issues uncovered in the inspection. Know your roof with a thorough roof inspection from my company. WB Roofing today to discuss the importance of a roofing inspection by calling 07384 194405 or by contacting us here.