Roof Cleaning

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Without a roofing contractor to clean your roof, you run the risk of fungus build up. Fungus is a parasite by nature living off other organic material. Their size ranges from a single microscopic cell to complex systems of entangled threads that extends to many, many feet. These strange organisms can develop reproductive bodies as large as a man’s head!! These are the type of fungi found on shingles on the roof of your home. When a fungus is ready, it releases spores and other allergens into the air that impacts indoor air quality and if you’re hanging around outside, can give you sneezing fits.

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Untreated shingles are prone to develop dark streaks and stains as a result of fungus growth. Protect your most valuable investment by calling WB Roofing today to discuss the importance of roof cleaning by calling 07384 194405 or by contacting us here.

Save £1000′s over replacement and safely remove those unsightly stains.

We use scientifically proven and proprietary cleaning agents that safely loosen the organisms causing the roof stains. Our high volume and low pressure rinsing system is safe and effective on any type of shingle including wood, slate, concrete, etc. Our gentle roof cleaning process will not damage nearby vegetation and will not contaminate local water.